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A3 Heavyweight print on 300gsm matt board.
29.7cm X 42cm (11.7" X 16.5")

Signed. Un-framed.

In order to deliver them to you in the best possible condition all prints are shipped rolled in delivery tubes. If you have ordered other items as well (eg. comics) your prints may arrive at a different time to the rest of your order.

Available now in print for the first time is one of my most popular and enduring works.

Disabled comedian Laurence Clark asked me to design and bring to life his disabled super-hero character SUPER-CRIP; who’s power allows him to switch impairments to overcome adversity and danger to himself and others.

Originally commissioned by deaf and disabled arts organisation DaDaFest as part of the NIET NORMAAL* exhibition in Liverpool, at The Bluecoat, these pieces are now part of the NDACAA (Nation Disability Arts Collection and Archive).

The term "supercrip" is used to refer to a common stereotype found in the media’s portrayal of disabled people; smiling, happy, can-do types who are often outrageously praised for always striving to “overcome” their situations. Laurence examines this topic by lampooning the traditional image of famous comic book super-heroes… many of whom have a disability themselves (Professor Xavier, Daredevil, Thor/Donald Blake).

By switching impairments and suffering one disability Super-Crip gains super-increases in all other areas to compensate. By turning himself blind he gains the increased ability of SUPER HEARING to navigate in the dark, thus confronting more common stereotypes of the disabled in popular media and fiction.

*Adapted from a landmark Dutch exhibition, Niet Normaal (a popular phrase translated as ‘not normal’, but also meaning ‘cool’) features work in a variety of media and asks the question: what is normal and who decides? It aims to examine the world we build together, one not always as inclusive and democratic as we would wish for.